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By taking Web Filtering from eSafety4Schools a school can benefit from the flexibility that a BYOD policy enables.


Allowing teachers, staff, pupils and visitors to use their own devices (BYOD)  in school offers great flexibility and can encourage responsible learning,  but it can be difficult and expensive to set up and exposure the school to security risks if not configured correctly.


To enable schools to benefit from BYOD Capital Bytes has developed a cost efficient specialist offering that builds on the Web Filtering product already deployed. The provisioning is managed  by eSafety4schools who will then work with the school to build an appropriate BYOD filtering policy or policies.


The deployment process for transparent filtering  of Internet access for BYOD is

  •  eSafety4schools will deploy a virtual network (VLAN) into your school from within the PWAN or emPSN connection
  • No new hardware is required

  • ESafety4schools allocates the IP subnet, provides DHCP and DNS

  • The school’s BYOD filtering policy is managed alongside normal filtering policies via the eSafety4schools admin portal.

  • Either the school configures their access point to use the new BYOD VLAN or

  • Enable access via the eSafety4schools captive portal which assigns BYOD user access, passwords and expiry

By utilising eSafety4schools BYOD solution schools will be able to offer safe and secure Internet access via a Public access point and ensure that all devices which associate with their wi-fi have filtered Internet access.


As can be seen this is not a complex product to set up or use and is thus priced attractively so that schools can benefit from the flexibility of a BYOD solution without busting the budget.